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The Second Conference on Civil Engineering - Sudan (CCE - Sudan 2018), will be held at the University of Khartoum (UofK), Khartoum during December 3 - 5, 2018 in a collaborating hosting between the Civil Engineering Department - Faculty of Engineering, the Institute of Building and Road Research and Water Research Centre - Faculty of Engineering . This conference followed the first Conference which was hosted by Abdulatif Alhamad University of Technology in Merowe in 2016 as one of the initiatives of the civil engineering academics in Sudan to enhance the scientific research and building capacity in civil engineering to attain sustainable development.

This conference aims to:
 Present the latest research related to Civil Engineering topics
 Provide face to face opportunities for researchers from different disciplines to exchange new ideas and application experiences
 Establish networking platform for researchers to find partners for future collaboration
 Draw a strategic plan for future research in the themes of the conference
 Enhance building capacity in civil engineering
 Offer technical advice to government and industry

Conference committee

The foundations of the present University of Khartoum were laid as far back as 1898 when Lord Kitchener issued an appeal for donations in order to build a college in memory of General Gordon. Following the recommendations of the war commission on education July 1937, the college became a centre of higher education by 1940 including within its context the School of Engineering. In 1939, the School of Engineering was established as a post-secondary college offering a five year course leading to Diploma in Engineering Science mixing of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering offered without specialization. In 1947, Gordon College went into special relationship with London University and became University College under the Aegis of the institution. The college was given full university status by the first Sudanese parliament in 24th July 1956. In 1963 the Institute of Building and Road Research (BRRI) was founded within the Faculty of engineering and Architecture, the Institute is now the main unit entrusted by the University to undertake and providers of research, technical services and vocational training in problems related to planning, design, construction and performance of Buildings and roads in Sudan. The Water Research Centre (WRC) is multidisciplinary research and capacity building centre established by the University of Khartoum in 2009 within the Faculty of Engineering. WRC is one of the Centres of Excellence in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the NEPAD centres in Africa. The WRC aims to conduct multi-disciplinary research and development studies addressing needs related to water and environment, promoting capacity building through continued training of water resources professionals and providing technical strategic and policy advice to policy makers and stakeholders. In addition to enhancing the role of the university in community development.

CCE 2018

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